Stealth Commissions Review

Stealth Commissions is an “over-the-shoulder” video training course by Ben Martin. It gives you Ben’s take on how to get traffic by ranking videos on the first page of YouTube.

What you’re going to learn in Stealth Commissions is an out of the box keyword method that you can use to rank videos, get traffic and make money in ANY niche.

Ben focuses on ranking videos for long tail keywords that are easier to rank for and will bring you more traffic. Long tail keywords are the fastest and easiest way to hit page #1 on YouTube, start getting traffic and cash in the bank.

In Stealth Commissions, Ben shows you how to create a brand new YouTube channel from scratch, how to set up your channel, how to customize it and how to get your videos ranking FAST.

You’ll get to look over Ben’s shoulder as he builds a new channel from scratch and shares how YOU can easily copy his ranking formula to start pulling in automated free traffic and sales, while working only one hour per day. In all honesty, if you’re brand new to creating YouTube videos or you don’t already have an established audience, it’s probably going to take you longer than just an hour a day. However, once you learn the process and get comfortable with it, it is possible to get everything done in just an hour a day.

Main Features

The front end ‘Stealth Commissions’ is a video training course and matching PDF which includes:

  • 21 Step-By-Step videos revealing my entire method
  • 4 BONUS videos covering more advanced methods
  • Matching PDF
  • Watch Ben set up and build a channel from scratch to profit
  • All of Ben’s keyword research softwares exposed
  • Ranking checklist including all the do’s and don’ts of YouTube

The main training is delivered in 21 videos, covering everything you need to know from creating your new channel to creating content to getting your videos ranked FAST. This is ideal for absolute beginners, as Ben assumes you have no prior knowledge of YouTube or of creating videos. Even video marketing veterans will pick up a few “handy dandy” tips from this training though.

The bonus modules contain 4 additional videos that offer some more advanced training on Ben’s methods (watch Bonus video #4 – you can thank me later). Ben covers some additional software tools that he uses (all free), list building hacks, keyword research secrets, and much more!


Front end – Stealth Commissions ($9.95)









The first upsell ($27) is ‘Stealth Traffic Package’ and includes:

  • A secret list of keywords Ben has already researched and previously ranked for, which are proven to get traffic and make money.
  • Guaranteed approval to promote all 5 of Ben’s JVZOO products which have generated a total of $222,945.38 in commissions for JV partners.
  • Instant commissions on all 5 of the offers which come with guaranteed approval.
  • A selection of bonuses created and designed by Ben which you can give away as an incentive to get people to buy through them.
  • 30 days of email screenshot consultancy. Ben will answer one question per day via email and help you with any challenges in your business.


The second upsell ($47) is ‘Stealth Commission Kit’ and includes:

  • A top secret method Ben is personally using to rank on the 1st pages of Google quickly for keywords that actually make money. This method compliments the front end offer by giving your video rankings a boost on YouTube as well.
  • Over the shoulder case study guide of Ben using the method to rank on Google. You will get to see exactly how he does it, including the keywords he uses and where he sends people once they find his content.
  • Video Headline Debrief: Bonus video where Ben shares how to come up with video titles which grab people’s attention and compel them to click, watch and buy.


Stealth Commissions Bonuses

Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with Stealth Commissions.

Ben Martin is known for producing top quality trainings, and Stealth Commissions is no exception.

If you’ve ever wanted to make money online by harnessing the power of YouTube, Stealth Commissions will help you fast track your way to affiliate commissions.

Get started TODAY!

JUST $9.95 to start.

The quicker you grab this one, the quicker you’ll be learning and earning!